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Vacuum Sealer bags for food mildew & bacteria prevention . 100 piece

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With each 50 bags comes one free vacuum pump

The vacuum sealer keeps food airtight and fresh, extending the life of your products and keeping them flavorsome! With precision and a valve, this sealer is perfect for your business. Airtight Storage for Restaurants, Food Markets, Picnics, Lunch, Camping, Hunting, Traveling, House Hold Use, keeps food air tight for natural disasters, Left overs too keep fresh from mildew & bacteria prevention.

Reduce food waste by extending the shelf life of ingredients, protect food from the harmful effects of microorganisms and eliminate freezer burn by vacuum sealing your items like fish, meats, frozen food, cheeses, vegetables and other foods in vacuum packaging bags!
We would recommend them to anyone who needs to store food for longer periods of time so your food doesn’t spoil. You will save thousands of dollars. They will extend the life of your food longer than just a regular zip lock bag. They are thick and durable and really easy to use. You can even wash them for multiple use. Each component is made from FDA certified material and BPA free. Non-toxic, odorless, good security, convenient to use.

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