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3pc. set Cannabis storage Red



Humiditor has revolutionized cannabis storage the new idea to keep the humidity and keeps fresh and original flavor of Cannabis. STORAGE for dispensaries, Cannabis, pre-rolled cones, hash, wax, shake, seeds, cannabis oil, cigars, Laboratories, analytical services distributors, producers, and licensed regulators of cannabis on testing medical marijuana . Storage mildew & bacteria prevention to ensure cannabis is free of mold and mildew.

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Humiditor has revolutionized cannabis storage the patent technology storage is a new idea to keep the humidity and keeps fresh and original flavor of Cannabis. storage combines all the essential requirements of cannabis storage into one, simple container system. It has successfully obtained a US patents, utility models, and design patents, and now becomes the airtight Cannabis. storage container market leader with innovative ideas and technology. Each component is made from FDA certified material for Cannabis Storage and is dishwasher safe and BPA free. It can affect everything from the smoothness of the smoking experience to the effectiveness of cannabis in treating a given medical condition. Cannabis needs a favorable environment to stay fresh and effective. Exposure to air can quickly dry tric homes. UV light deteriorates plant matter. Uncontrolled HUMIDITI invites mold and bacteria, Maintaining the perfect RH is a delicate balancing act, with real-world implications for recreational and medical cannabis consumers alike. Typical home storage, ranging from clear bags to plastic Cannabis containers and glass jars, can’t ensure potency or long-term freshness of marijuana Humiditor vacuum pump prevents bacterial growth, reduces the risk of bacterial contamination, and keeps Cannabis or whatever you put in the container fresh longer by removing all air molecules from the container Humiditor STORAGE Technology for Cannabis ,pre-rolled cones, hash, cannabis wax, cannabis shake, cannabis seeds , cannabis oil ,cigars , food ,Laboratories. analytical services distributors, producers, and licensed regulators of cannabis. on testing medical marijuana. DISPENSARY SUPPLY good practices in every facet of the cannabis industry. Humiditor STORAGE Technology measures the purity and safety of all products containing active cannabinoids.

· This set contains : Round No.1 (small) + Round No.2 (medium) + Round No.3 (large) + Vacuum Pump.

· Material : SAN(BODY, LID) + SILICONE Rubber

· Purpose : Cannabis Storage (Cold and Heat Resistance:
-40˚C ~ 100˚C)

Vacuum Pump
• Size : Diameter 62mm
• Height 130mm
• Material : ABS+SILICONE Rubber
• Purpose : vacuum pump
• Country of Manufacture : South Korea

Single Product
Rectangular Airtight Cannabis Storage Containers No.3 (large)
• Width : 180mm
• Length : 90mm
• Height : 140mm (1250ml
Rectangular Airtight Cannabis Storage Containers No.2 (medium)
• Width : 155mm
• Length : 70mm
• Height : 115mm (800ml)
Rectangular Airtight Cannabis Storage Containers No.1 (small)
• Width : 135mm
• Length : 55mm
• Height : 95mm (350ml)

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