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10 piece 10-12 pound cannabis vacuum bag storage

10 piece cannabis vacuum bag

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Jumbo 80cm x 100cm (40 x 30 inch)

Airtight Cannabis storage mildew & bacteria prevention to ensure cannabis free of mold and mildew.

New idea to keep the fresh and original flavor of Cannabis.

Cannabis needs a favorable environment to stay fresh and effective. Exposure to air can quickly dry trichomes. Uncontrolled humidity invites mold and bacteria, Maintaining the perfect RH is a delicate balancing act, with real-world implications for recreational and medical cannabis consumers alike.

Typical home storage, ranging from clear bags to plastic Cannabis containers and glass jars, can’t ensure potency or long-term freshness of marijuana vacuum pump prevents bacterial growth, reduces the risk of bacterial contamination, and keeps Cannabis or whatever you put in the container fresh longer by removing all air molecules from the bag storage.

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