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Airtight Child Resistant Humiditor Cannabis & Cigars storage mildew & bacteria prevention.

Humiditor has revolutionized cannabis storage the patent technology storage is a new ideaand item to keep the humidity and keeps fresh and original flavor of Cannabis, mildew & bacteria prevention.

You can save your products freshness and weight when you store.With HUMIDITOR CANNABIS STORAGE you can save your product, money, and customers.The cannabis industry is growing. As an increasing number of states legalize both medical and recreational marijuana, the industry could approach $10 billion this year.

More than 3.000.000 head shops and smoke shops in the USA.

The Cannabis Storage Problem

Cannabis needs a favorable environment to stay fresh and effective.

Exposure to air can quickly dry trichomes. UV light deteriorates plant matter. Uncontrolled HUMIDITI invites mold and bacteria.

Typical home storage, ranging from clear bags to plastic Cannabis  containers and glass jars, can’t ensure potency or long-term freshness of marijuana.

How to Store Cannabis without it getting dry.

Is a new idea and Technology to keep the humidity and keeping the freshness and original flavor of the cannabis.  It can affect everything from the smoothness of the smoking experience to the effectiveness of cannabis in treating a given medical condition.

Maintaining the perfect RH is a delicate balancing act, with real-world implications for recreational and medical cannabis consumers alike.

Humiditor will introduce you a new airtight Cannabis Storage container concept.

Humiditor airtight Cannabis Storage  containers not just block unwanted air exchange but remove air, moisture, bacteria, and all the causes for Cannabis  spoilage from the container.

Humiditor introduces a new concept of fresh Cannabis.

Humiditor vacuum pump prevents bacterial growth, reduces the risk of bacterial contamination, and keeps Cannabis or whatever you put in the container fresh longer by removing all air molecules from the airtight container.

Instructions for Use of Vacuum Pumps

Humiditor produces not just regular CANNABIS STORAGE but vacuum-sealed Cannabis containers. Please read and follow the following instructions to remove air from a container and keep your Cannabis fresher longer.

01. Please fill in a container up to 85%.

02. Place its lid over the container and put it down on.

03. Put the vacuum pump on the air value which is located in the middle of the lid.

04. Pump 3 to 5 times to remove the air from the container!

Humiditor silicone sealing ring is easy to remove, clean, and reassemble.

01. Grab silicone nozzle and pull it out from the indentation.You can easily remove it from the lid.

02. Place the nozzle on the lid with the coupling area facing Press it evenly with your fingers.

What Happens When You Smoke Moldy Weed

You should never, ever smoke moldy weed. Extreme chest pain is a common side effect of smoking moldy weed. Allergies are also common, manifested through a runny nose, red eyes, or an itchy throat. This happens because you can be allergic to the mycotoxins; sometimes the allergies can get so severe that you will need to see a doctor. Other signs that you may have been exposed to moldy weed include nose bleed, dizziness, fever, loss of coordination, and coughing.People will react differently when exposed to moldy weed, but this is something that you should not ever risk. It could be much more serious if you already have an existing immune condition or are sick in any way.

Mold loves Cannabis

  • Flower
  • Edibles
  • Extracts
  • Other Cannabis-Infused Products.
  • Mold, mildew and other fungi are everywhere, however, cannabis and cannabis products can provide the perfect place for mold to grow out of control.
  • Mold is bad for one’s health.
  • The presence of high levels of mold and mildew in marijuana products can negatively affect a patient’s health.
  • Mold and mildew produce substances that can cause allergic reactions in some patients and can aggravate pre-existing immunological conditions in others. Those with severe immunodeficiency can develop mold infections in their lungs, which can be potentially grave, if not life-threatening to patients with seriously compromised immune systems.

Mold is bad for business

These fungi grow by eating precious cannabinoids, reducing the overall potency and skewing the cannabinoid profile of the product.

Mold and mildew smell bad, looks gross and negatively affects the overall experience for patients.

Humiditor Storage Technology offer an Airtight Child Resistant  Cannabis storage  mildew & bacteria prevention to ensure cannabis is free of mold and mildew.

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