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Airtight Cannabis storage

Airtight Cannabis storage mildew & bacteria prevention

Humiditor the best quality brand has revolutionized cannabis Space Saver Bags, the new idea to keep the humidity and keeps fresh and original flavor of Cannabis.

Airtight Storage for Cannabis, Restaurants, Food Markets, Picnics, Camping, Hunting, Traveling, House Hold Use, Lunch, Keeps food air tight for natural disasters, Left overs too keep fresh from mildew & bacteria prevention.

Storage, mildew & bacteria prevention to ensure cannabis is free of mold and mildew. Non-toxic, odorless, good security, convenient to use.

NO BACTERIA: Don’t worry about mold, bacteria or any germs! The sterile interior of the bag ensures whatever you put in the bag won’t be ruined by dust or any other undesirables.

The property of one-sided stickiness and double-sided stickiness.

Light weight, thin thickness.

Strong tear and impaling resistance; cold, heat and pressure resistance.

Dust, damp, scattering and falling proof, prevention of burglary.

Good autosensing and high retraction, Labor, time and cost saving, efficient.

Non-toxic, odorless, good security, convenient to use.

Fast shrinkage under low temperature; good sealing under high speed.

Long retention time; completely recyclable and ecological environment protection.

Material: plastic.

size / quantity50001000020000
80cm x 100cm

30in x 40in

size / quantity50001000020000
30cm x 50 cm

11.8in  x 19.6in

$0.9 /PC$0.85 /PC$0.8 /PC

Storage periods compared between non-vacuum and vacuum

Refrigerator storageNon-vacuum storage freshnessHumidator Storage
Cannabis20-30 days2-3 years
Meat6 months2-3 years
Fish & seafood6 months2 years
Soup3-6 months1-2 years
Coffee beans6-9 months2-3 years
Vegetable8 months2-3 years
Bread6-12 months1-3 years
RefrigeraterNon-vacuumHumidator Storage
Cannabis10 – days1-2 years
Meat2-3 days12-13 days
Fish & seafood1-3 days6-8 days
Cooked meat3-5 days18-20 days
Vegetable3-5 days10 days
Fruits4-6 days14-20 days
Eggs10-15 days30-50 days
Normal tempture storageNon-vacuumHumidator Storage
Cannabis5-7 days1-2 years
Rice & flour6 months1-2 years
Bread1-2 days6-8 days
Peanut & beans2-3 months1-2 years
Tea3 months1-2 years

Certification: CE/ROHS/EMC/FDA/LFGB

Other size are available according to your needs.

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